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Refunds & Returns?

Please contact us if you are wanting to return any item. We will only authorize returns within 15 days of purchase and if they are under the correct circumstances and those circumstances have been reviewed prior to approval. Buyer is responsible for the shipping back to us if you wish to return an item and a 20% restocking fee will apply. Any items we receive back without authorization will be refused and sent back to the address of origin.

Engine Oil Maintenance?

We highly recommend changing the engine oil in your scooter within the first 20 miles followed by every 1000 miles. This will insure your scooter’s engine will run for a very long time and not give you any issues. A well maintained engine is a long-lasting engine. You also will want to change your gear oil every 3500 miles. Just like a car, if you perform regular maintenance the scooter will give no problems in the future.

Which Fuel Grade Should I Use?

Every scooter we offer will run on any octane between 87-93, but we recommend you use 93. It will allow the engine to run more efficiently and acceleration a lot smoother.

Do I Need a New Battery?

Every scooter we keep in stock contains what is known as a “starter battery”. These batteries are shipped in the scooters all the way from where they were assembled overseas. These batteries are not intended to be used as a reliable source for making sure your scooter starts for daily operation. We highly recommending taking the battery and heading to a local auto parts store and upgrading to a more dependable battery. Depending on the brand you can expect to pay $35-$70.

How to Register My Product?

We do not ship registration paperwork with scooters for security reasons. Once you receive your scooter please go to our Contact Us form and Request your Registration Documents. For verification purposes please include your VIN# as to avoid fraud and to make sure you have the correct scooter that was sent to you. We cannot send registration documents until this information is received.

Easy Assembly?

All Scooters we offer come with some assembly required and usually take around 60 – 90minutes to complete. We will include assembly instructions to make it easier for you. Assembly consists of attaching the front wheel (one bolt), front fender (4 screws), handlebars (one bolt installation) and the trunk (4 bolts). We highly recommend you use a thread-locking agent on all parts such as Loctite. The scooters are shipped direct from the factory and may require a once-over before starting. They are not guaranteed to run out of the box and may require a bit of tweaking/tuning to run correctly. All materials needed to perform assembly are included with the scooters, including basic hand tools. Upon assembly you will need to charge the battery for 4-6 hours with a trickle charger. You can purchase a trickle charger at any local automotive store for around $20.

Once your battery has charged for 4-6 hours you will need to fill the gas tank with fuel. We highly recommend using high-grade octane no lower than 93. Since the scooters have not been started before, it will take 10-15 seconds while pressing the start button before the fuel lines prime. Once started let the scooter idle for 15 mins and check for any issues while running. As soon as the scooter is warmed up do not go past half throttle for the first 15-20 miles. This will insure the seals within the engine seat themselves correctly and will provide a long engine life.

Delivery Time?

The normal delivery time is 3 – 10 business days. After ordering your scooter we will issue a tracking# with the freight company via email. If you do not receive tracking information within 3 – 5 business days automatically please contact us. The freight company will also call you ahead of time to schedule a good delivery time to make sure you are home. All items we ship are signature required.

When the scooter arrives we urge you to do a Pre-Delivery Inspection. Take a quick glance at the scooter and packaging to make sure there is no damage (scratches, cracks, etc). If you find any damage please have the driver note it on the delivery slip. You can then contact us directly to resolve the matter.

Warranty Information?

We include a FREE 6-month limited warranty with all scooter purchases. The warranty covers Engine and Transmission components only. This warranty excludes any wear items such as tires, brake pads, bulbs, hoses, filters, etc. You are responsible for any shipping fees associated but will not be charged for the cost of the replacement part. If you need to file a warranty claim for your scooter simply contact us and we will get the new part shipped out as soon as possible. (Normally 2 weeks from time of request).

The Warranty does not cover theft, fire damage or user error in the event of a crash. We can help provide a replacement scooter and/or parts at a discount but are not responsible for any associated costs.


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